There’s a lot that goes into planning any hackathon. It’s a difficult enough task as it is, but it’s often even more difficult to design an experience that distinguishes itself from any other hackathon. At HackBeanpot we try to differentiate ourselves by consistently ensuring three things:

You feel welcome.

You learn something.

You have fun.

HackBeanpot’s monthly summary report on news related to Boston, the U.S., and the world.

Boston News

Boston City Council to give authoritative oversight on surveillance technology used by the government, and to establish limits for when Boston Public Schools can share student information with authorities.

The passed ordinance dictates that any surveillance…

Featuring: Kimin Lee

Welcome to our Hacker Highlight series! Looking for inspiration on projects to do at home? We wanted to bring you some of the fun and creative projects we saw at HackBeanpot 2020 to help get you thinking about a project of your own! …

It’s that time of the year again.. HackBeanpot is right around the corner! We hope you guys are ready for a weekend filled with amazing (and we mean amazing 😉) food, swag and giveaways, fun activities, and best of all lots of hacking!

🌱 HackBeanpot is doing something new this…


A hackathon for Boston students.

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