Team Spotlight: Social Media

By: Nupur Neogi, Social Media Team Lead

Nupur is a rising senior majoring in computer science at Northeastern University. In her free time, she loves hiking, writing short stories, and watching an unhealthy amount of Netflix. She loves the HackBeanpot family and is really excited to share all the great stuff all the HackBeanpot teams are up to in preparation for HackBeanpot 2020!

Meet the Social Media team!

What does the Social Media team do?

The Social Media team is all about connecting HackBeanpot sponsors and attendees with everything they need to know about HackBeanpot. Social Media works with the other small teams to make sure that we are sharing all the information that needs to be known for our event. We post across a variety of social media platforms, including: Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook. Leading up to the event, Social Media runs different campaigns to engage with our followers. We like to share the experiences of our past attendees, sponsors, and organizers, as well as hold giveaways and share fun articles. As we get closer to the event, Social Media focuses on making sure everyone has all the information they need for important dates and timings for the hackathon.

Tell us about Social Media’s work for HackBeanpot 2019

Last year, HackBeanpot’s design went over a complete makeover! This meant getting a new logo, new colors, and a whole new aesthetic. For Social Media, it was very important to make sure that HackBeanpot’s new brand was reflected in all of our posts. A lot of work went into Social Media collaborating with the design team to ensure that our posts fit our new brand, from the words we used to the colors. For most of the year, Social Media focused on different campaigns centered around past HackBeanpot experiences. This meant getting perspectives from past attendees, sponsors, and organizers about what HackBeanpot meant to them. The goal was to emphasize that HackBeanpot is a beginner-friendly hackathon that promotes idea sharing, creative risks, and a fun environment for hackers! Below you can see a snapshot of some of our campaigns from the past.

How has the Social Media team changed from last year?

Last year, Social Media and Outreach were combined into the same team. That meant our team ran both our social media platforms and outreach events at different schools in the Boston area. This year, we decided to split up the two teams so that more individual focus could go into each. We also have our team member Willa on both the Social Media and design team, so that we can make sure our posts are staying on brand!

What is your vision for Social Media in 2020?

This year we want to focus on highlighting the core team, including what our small teams do on a daily basis that makes HackBeanpot all come together at the end. We want to show you guys how much our team loves putting on this event and what this event truly means to us ❤. We also want to focus more on creating our Boston presence and emphasizing ourselves as a Boston-based hackathon. This means sharing more ways for people to get involved in the Boston tech scene, getting our core team involved in Boston tech volunteering, and promoting local Boston events.

What is your favorite part of the Social Media team?

I love that our team gets to show everyone else all the great things the rest of the team is up to. All our teams put so much effort and dedication into planning this event, and we get to showcase that! And that’s exactly why we wanted to show you what all our small teams are about with this new campaign 🌞🌱

Anything else you want to share?

Follow us at @hackbeanpot on our social media platforms for information on everything you need to know about HackBeanpot! ;D

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