What’s Unique About HackBeanpot?

4 min readJan 7, 2021

There’s a lot that goes into planning any hackathon. It’s a difficult enough task as it is, but it’s often even more difficult to design an experience that distinguishes itself from any other hackathon. At HackBeanpot we try to differentiate ourselves by consistently ensuring three things:

You feel welcome.

You learn something.

You have fun.

The Community

Feel welcome.

“If I could describe HackBeanpot in one word… invigorating. We had a lot of folks who weren’t sure what the experience would be like, and they left feeling united — really energized and really impressed with the amount of talent that was on display as well as the atmosphere.” — Rob Antzack (Power Advocate), Past Sponsor

If there’s one compliment we consistently get, it’s that the sense of community at HackBeanpot is unparalleled. Our organizing team pours its heart into making sure we create a space where everyone can feel accepted and appreciated. The most heartwarming part of it all is seeing attendees, volunteers, mentors, and sponsors bring our mission to life and fill the space with energy. Every year, we all come together as a community to create a warm and welcoming environment.

The Guidance

Learn something.

“HackBeanpot was such a positive and supportive environment with lots of direction and help from all the volunteers, staff, mentors, and sponsors. It also gave us plenty of exposure to all the creative and innovative ideas of other teams and projects.” — Shraeya Srinivasan, Past Attendee

We pride ourselves in our focus on creating a fulfilling experience for people who are completely new to hackathons. What sets HackBeanpot apart from other hackathons is our mission to foster a culture of growth, not competition. While, yes, we do have great prizes worth competing for, our objective is to make sure our attendees walk away having learned something. Each year, we equip our hackers with as many resources as possible, including detailed starter guides, ideation sessions, office hours, tons of workshops, and a strong hacker-to-mentor ratio (last year it was 7:1!).

The Theme

Have fun.

“HackBeanpot this year was a great way for me to reunite and catch up with a lot of old friends and acquaintances. The vibe at the event was very fun and it was of course amazing to get to present my project to everyone.” — Julia Hirn, Past Attendee

HackBeanpot is always a weekend full of laughter. When attendees aren’t hacking away at their projects, they’re participating in the tons of fun games and activities we set up. It’s a great way to make sure everyone has a chance to step away from their code for a bit and just enjoy each other’s company.

As of HackBeanpot 2020, we’ve started incorporating an annual theme into our hackathons. This year, our theme is “Camping,” which represents community, sustainability, and the goal to help each other thrive. Camping emphasizes exploration, creativity, resourcefulness, and respect for the world around us.

So what does virtual camping even mean? Think back to your days at sleepaway camp. All campers (hackers) will be assigned to a cabin, each with its own theme, camp counselors (organizers), and space to get to know your cabin mates. Throughout the event there’ll be friendly competitions for cabins to compete for prizes! And, of course, keep your eyes out for some great camping swag.

Unlike previous years, HackBeanpot 2021 will be virtual. Even if we can’t share a physical space with our attendees this time (or serve our usual amazing food), we’re confident that you’ll love all the experiences we’ve planned for you. There are even some advantages to being virtual. Normally, we’re only able to bring the Boston tech community together, but, this time, we had the opportunity to welcome hackers, mentors, and speakers from all over the world. See you at Camp HackBeanpot!

Visit apply.hackbeanpot.com to begin your application for HackBeanpot 2021.